BIB saves energy

by kai 24/07/2007

Finally, it has been scientifically proven that Blog in Black is saving energy and by that stopping the climate change. Diane pointed me to this post on EcoIron today… I’m proud that our background color is helping to make the world a better place and that all our readers accept this when it comes to […]

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Some interesting facts about…

by kai 25/06/2007

…porn! Michael from posted this one the other day (he’s surfing on the “I blog about ‘your porn’” wave to get traffic :). Awesome video – would you believe me that you’re actually learning a few things? Yes, I know, I’m using the fact that this is actually a hot chick – before you […]

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I like grunty machines!

by kai 24/06/2007
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Venn diagrams

by kai 15/06/2007

I had to do pretty extensive CF list modifications in one of my projects the other day. To do that, I used the good old Venn diagram metaphor to work with sets and AND, OR, NOT operators – made my life much easier. Why I’m writing this: while dealing with it, I remembered back to […]

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webDU 2007 – webJam recording II – Geoff Bowers

by kai 14/04/2007

Geoff Bowers presenting about…well…ehhhm…better find out yourself…:)

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by kai 03/03/2007

Wow, I had my first flying lesson today. Well, “lesson” is a bit too much maybe. I’m flying with FS 2004 for a few years now and enjoy the aviation world in general very much. I’ve always wanted to get a bit more of closer experience but never got round to. My wife Diane gave […]

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I MIGHT be there…

by kai 01/03/2007

I missed last year’s Soccer World Cup in Germany and I could bite my arse for doing so. But to be fair, it’s hard to get all this stuff done and organised when you’ve just moved to the other end of the world etc. But – this is not going to happen again – in […]

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Five resons why I’ve watched too much Lost during the last few weeks

by kai 14/11/2006

I’ve never watched Lost in TV. Some weeks ago (actually when season 3 started), I thought I’d give it a try (another addiction after Prison Break, 24 and Heros, come on, who cares 😉 We’ve watched season 1 and 2 pretty much within a few days and now I’m up to speed with the latest […]

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Animator vs. Animation

by kai 21/10/2006

This is probably an old and well-known one, but I really enjoyed watching it. Just the idea of building that “fight” within the Flash Authoring IDE is just bloody awesome!

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by marcus 27/06/2006

I’m sure nearly all of you played ZakMcKracken. Until yesterday, I was sure that the mind-bending aliens were pure ficiton, but shortly after trying “use blue artifact on cat” I saw this guy: No idea if he’s still there, I got away fast for not being imprisoned… 😉 PS: If you’re the guy on the […]

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