by kai 08/03/2006

Finally, we’ve started geocaching. I bought a basic Garmin GPS device (eTrex Legend) last week in Australia and it worked out fine. The other night I was thinking about getting an additional maps, containing more details. I was pretty close to buying a mappack but then I found the New Zealand Open GPS Map Project […]

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Back to the 70s/80s

by kai 07/03/2006

Not just back from Sydney and webDU – also back to the last century 😉 Guys in my age or slightly younger or older might remember the concept of audio tapes. You know, the stuff people used to listen to music before the CD or the DVD was invented. The stuff you used to record […]

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AgentK MoBlog

by kai 21/02/2006

If you wanna get some pics of my life in New Zealand, feel free to visit my MoBlog – all pictures taken with mobiles, so don’t expect highres views 😉

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Soccer World Cup

by kai 08/01/2006

Well, yes – I know. Soccer is pretty much unknown in a lot of countries of this world. But I’m still a German – so I’ll have to enjoy soccer, it’s somehow in my genes. It’s a bit difficult to follow the German Major League (Bundesliga) from New Zealand, especially watching games is nearly impossible. […]

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105 ways to kill any IT project

by kai 30/12/2005

This is a guide how to kill IT projects. They explain 105 approaches to sabotage an IT project when being in a management or project leader position 😉 Pretty good stuff, sadly just available in German.

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Another one on German election

by kai 29/08/2005

My work-mate Michael posted a pretty detailled review of the website of the German major parties in his blog. Very entertaining to read, but just available in German…

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Let’s do the timewarp again…

by kai 16/08/2005

Back in the late nineties, a lot of companies burned their cash for…well…ideas, dreams of getting rich, Sun 450 servers, over-priced Oracle licenses, sushi for lunch, an expensive office and some more stuff. I used to work for one on those companies in 2000 and had some sort of timewarp experience just recently. A former […]

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Optimus Keyboard

by marcus 18/07/2005

Now, if THAT’s not a keyboard… Each key of the Optimus Keyboard contains an independent TFT-Display instead of a classic sticker 😉 Apart from the fact that it it looks cool and can impress your neighbour(s), it might become your perfect buddy when being forced to edit multilanguage content in a CMS…

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Finally, the musical baton hit Germany ;)

by kai 20/05/2005

This went throught parts of MM’s blogger community during the last days already. So – after nearly two weeks of non-blogging (but there are things to expect for the next days) I’m back with “funstuff”. By the way, I got the musical baton from Kay Smoljak, she got it from Sean Corfield who got involved […]

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93% of the world – 79% of Europe to go

by kai 26/04/2005

This is a cool one: world66 is some sort of community travel guide.I just found it today via one of the links of queen of the sky (she’s the delta flight attendant who got fired last year due to blogging and inappropriate behaviour – the pics in question are quite nice ;-). However, world66 offers […]

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