Solved: good email client for OS X – PowerMail

by kai 30/07/2007

The other day I’ve blogged about my struggle to find a well suited email client for Mac OS X. I’ve decided to give another try, but I was heavily disappointed. Although the client is nice it just didn’t work properly to import my huge mailbox files and it took literally minutes to render particular […]

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HP Laserjet 1020 on OS X

by kai 27/07/2007

When we’ve moved to New Zealand in 2005, the amount of luggage/stuff we were taking was limited. At that time, I owned a pretty fancy HP Laserjet 13something printer I was really happy with – due to luggage restrictions, I’ve some sort of parked it with my father-in-law who didn’t mind 🙂 I bought a […]

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Wanted: A good email client for OS X

by kai 25/07/2007

One of the reasons why I’ve been a bit quieter during the last 2-3 weeks is that I’m migrating my work environment from PC to Mac and this is a bit of work because besides playing with my new toy (2.4 GHz MBP, 4 GB RAM) I have to continue being at least a bit […]

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