Adobe Connect 8 SSL – getting stunnel up and running

by kai 22/08/2012

Today I was helping a client to setup proper SSL handling for their Adobe Connect 8 instance. Essentially all they wanted to do was to secure the Adobe Connect web admin with SSL and https; the actual Flash Media Server-based meeting server and its RTMP communication wasn’t going to be secured at this stage. The […]

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Accessing .properties files within a Livecycle ES/ADEP DSC

by kai 12/08/2012

The other day Darren asked about how to access a properties file with some settings from within a Livecycle ES resp. ADEP DSC on the livecycle developers mailing list. I responded there, but I thought it’d be useful to post the solution here as well. Essentially a Livecycle/ADEP DSC is nothing else but a .jar […]

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Debugging Livecycle Data Services in Livecycle ES

by kai 10/08/2012

The other day I was spending some time with a client of mine who ran into an issue with a Flex Remoting endpoint in Livecycle/ADEP Essentially what happened was that within an object tree supposed to be sent from the Flex application to a Livecycle endpoint contained a lot of unexpected null references. Monitoring the […]

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Wellington Adobe meetups successfully moved – what’s on in August and September?

by kai 07/08/2012

Just a quick update that both Wellington-based (this is Wellington in New Zealand, in case anyone wonders) Adobe meetups have now finally moved away from the Adobe groups site and various Google groups (the old Flex/Flash Platform Group) and are now consolidated on Creative Suite User Group Wellington and Wellington Adobe Web Technology Meetup […]

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CFML – alive and kicking at CFCamp and CFAcademy in Germany

by kai 06/08/2012

Quite often one is told that ColdFusion is dead, old and proprietary. That’s actually not quite true even though I can see where people are coming from – ColdFusion doesn’t seem to be as posh and fancy as the poster children of web development such as Rails and Node. Fair enough. However, there’s more to […]

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Direct Download Links for (older versions of) Adobe ColdFusion and others

by kai 06/08/2012

I just figured it’d be a good idea to create a quick blog post about how to find and download older versions of Adobe software. I got inspired by Robin Hilliard asking for a Solaris installer for ColdFusion 8 the other day on the cfaussie mailing list. He got lucky and Richard Turner-Jones from Adobe […]

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2DDU Podcast is back from the summer break

by kai 29/02/2012

Just a quick announcement that 2DDU (2 Devs from Down Under) Podcast is back from the summer break. This morning, Mark and I recorded episode 19 titled “We’re back with ColdFusion 10 Beta”.It’s all about … well … the ColdFusion 10 Beta. We also have a long list of other stuff we didn’t get to […]

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Extending Adobe LiveCycle through custom DSCs – some resources

by kai 25/02/2012

Don’t worry – this is not going to be a lengthy, complicated, super-advanced tutorial. I thought about writing a post on Adobe LC DSCs for a while, but never got round to. Today, I got kind of pushed over the edge by seeing that my friend Duane and his partner Matt from Überity have published […]

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Adobe Connect and HTTP status codes

by kai 05/02/2012

One thing that annoys me quite a bit is how Adobe Connect handles HTTP status codes. Essentially it’s doing it in the wrong way (from my point of view at least), but let me explain. You might just know Adobe Connect from using Adobe’s hosted SaaS, but Adobe sells Adobe Connect as a so called […]

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Moving the Adobe Connect content storage

by kai 02/02/2012

You’ve installed a licensed (=self-hosted) version of Adobe Connect 7 or 8 and all of a sudden you have realised that you really need to move the content storage to a different area of the server because your C: drive is running out of space? A few weeks ago a client asked me how to […]

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