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2DDU Podcast is back from the summer break

by kai 29/02/2012

Just a quick announcement that 2DDU (2 Devs from Down Under) Podcast is back from the summer break. This morning, Mark and I recorded episode 19 titled “We’re back with ColdFusion 10 Beta”.It’s all about … well … the ColdFusion 10 Beta. We also have a long list of other stuff we didn’t get to […]

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ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot fix – be aware that you need a JRE

by kai 01/01/2012

This was sitting in my inbox for quite a while. ¬†When the ColdFusion team released hot fix 1 for ColdFusion Builder 2, some people reported problems applying the hotfix ending up with an error message claiming that there was no Java Runtime Environment installed. At first glance, it might make you wonder because if you’re […]

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ColdFusion Builder, file encodings and i18n

by kai 25/04/2010

Some people complain about ColdFusion Builder being not able to properly deal with special characters and different character encodings. It’s actually not true – this post shows how to.

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