Hgexportfiles – a really useful Mercurial extension

by kai 16/04/2013

The other day I found a really useful extension for Mercurial * on Bitbucket: hgexportfiles * For the ones among you who listen to 2DDU Podcast, the podcast Mark Mandel and I are hosting every few weeks, you might know that Mercurial is that apparently totally unknown, irrelevant and rather obscure distributed version control system […]

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And there is also the 2DDU podcast… episode 29 is available now

by kai 06/04/2013

Today, Mark and I recorded episode 29 of the 2DDU podcast. Yeah, I know – we haven’t done anything for the last nearly 4 months and I absolute acknowledge that. Anyway, we’re back. Today’s episode covers a whole list of stuff: Conferences we attended this year (Mark:¬†RubyConf AU, Kai:¬†Webstock) Conferences either of us or both […]

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Special characters in Hg Commit comments

by kai 06/02/2012

This was weird. The other day I was trying to commit something into an Hg repository. Not a new one, not a new setup – I had done thousands of successful commits into this repository in the past. The result of my commit was weird though: Error: transaction abort! rollback completed abort: decoding near ‘ailbox, […]

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