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Adobe Connect 8 SSL – Certificate Signing Request for multiple domains

by kai 10/09/2012

This is part 3 of a mini-series of posts about Adobe Connect 8 and SSL. It actually was never intended to be a series of posts, it just grew into one – kind of organically. In the last post I explained how one can create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Adobe Connect 8 SSL […]

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Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Adobe Connect

by kai 26/08/2012

The other day, I wrote about setting up stunnel for Adobe Connect. When I did the SSL setup for the client I was working with on that occasion, we also had to get the SSL certificate created. The Adobe Connect installation of the client is entirely internal and not used outside their organisation. The way […]

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CFML – alive and kicking at CFCamp and CFAcademy in Germany

by kai 06/08/2012

Quite often one is told that ColdFusion is dead, old and proprietary. That’s actually not quite true even though I can see where people are coming from – ColdFusion doesn’t seem to be as posh and fancy as the poster children of web development such as Rails and Node. Fair enough. However, there’s more to […]

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Printing from Wine on OS X

by kai 15/01/2012

The flight planning software I use is Windows-based and unfortunately Windows-only. It’s a really powerful tool and there’s nothing comparable for OS X (at least not for Australia and New Zealand), so I’m happy to go the extra mile making it work. The easiest way would obviously be to install the software in a virtual […]

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Keep your phpMyAdmin installations up to date!

by marcus 12/08/2010

One of our customers is running an old, but stable 😉 Ubuntu Dapper Server that recently got hacked. The whole system acted totally normal, except for the fact that it ran ssh brute force attacks against several randomly chosen remote servers. So what happened? The attacker used a vulnerability in phpMyAdmin, which once had been […]

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Register for Flash Platform Camp Wellington in September and win

by kai 14/07/2010

Today is pretty much your last chance to register for Flash Platform Camp Wellington on September 4th, 2010 AND go into the draw for a license of Flash Builder 4 Premium for the platform of your choice (OSX/Win). This promotion runs out tomorrow – 15th of July mid-day NZ Standard time.

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How to upgrade your Vodafone Google Nexus One from EPF30 to Froyo – today!

by kai 01/07/2010

Some people have asked me how to actually get rid of the Vodafone Nexus One firmware EPF30 and upgrade their device to Froyo (Android 2.2) pretty much now.

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Commit notification for SVN on Windows

by kai 25/04/2010

A good SVN notification system on Windows…

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Breaking news: Railo to open source… Railo!!!!

by kai 05/06/2008

In about 5 minutes, the Swiss company Railo is going to announce the open-sourcing of their alternative ColdFusion/CFML engine Railo. Hang on, one might think – didn’t we have that just a few months ago with Open BlueDragon? Sort of, but this time the impact of the anouncement might be significantly different. The reason is, […]

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A few more thoughts on Railo going OS

by kai 05/06/2008

The Railo keynote has started and I’ll take a few minutes to share a few thoughts on the open sourcing of Railo on Looking back a few months when Open BlueDragon was born, quite a few people stated their excitement that a “grown-up” CFML engine went open source. A rather large amount of people […]

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