CFML – alive and kicking at CFCamp and CFAcademy in Germany

by kai 06/08/2012

Quite often one is told that ColdFusion is dead, old and proprietary. That’s actually not quite true even though I can see where people are coming from – ColdFusion doesn’t seem to be as posh and fancy as the poster children of web development such as Rails and Node. Fair enough. However, there’s more to […]

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Foto Feb: days 13 to 20

by kai 20/02/2012

Yeah, why not. I had a bit of a busy week and didn’t get to taking photos every day – and in particular to uploading them. Here’s a collection: Day 13: It’s webstock week – this is my bag Day 14: I’m prototyping – in a webstock workshop Day 15: ehhh… missing Day 16: oups, […]

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Foto Feb: day 10

by kai 10/02/2012

Just seen at Sydney Domestic T3 on my way out. Very nice. Made my day 🙂

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Foto Feb: day 6

by kai 06/02/2012

Just saw this from my balcony. Fireworks. On a Monday. Maybe at Seaworld?

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Foto Feb: day 5

by kai 06/02/2012

A tiny rainbow on the treadmill I used this morning.

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Foto Feb: day 4

by kai 04/02/2012

This is prob. the most stereotypical Gold Coast photo you could get: tall apartment building, some tropical palm trees and blue sky 🙂

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Foto Feb: day 3

by kai 03/02/2012

This is technically cheating because it’s from the 29th of Jan – but it’s so nice that I want to show it. I saw this from my balcony during the Chinese New Year 2012 Parade in Sydney – massively huge Dragon animation projected onto the side of a very tall building.

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Why would anyone travel from New Zealand to Kansas City, MO? D2WC!

by kai 08/01/2012

The short answer is: for D2WC 2012. Let me briefly explain: D2WC is a conference about and for designers, developers, hybrid and the famous designer-developer workflow. It will go into its third iteration in 2012 and after Dee Sadler was originally trying to get me involved with the event already in 2010, I finally went […]

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30 days of me – days 12 to 20

by kai 26/10/2010

Ok, as everyone was able to see, my participation in “30 days of me” has somewhat stalled. Here are days 12 to 20 – just for the sake of getting a bit further towards completion…:)

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30 days of me – day 5

by kai 13/09/2010

A picture of somewhere I’ve been to. Easy as – you’ve learnt in day 1 that I travel a lot. So – let’s see….digging through iPhoto photos…here we go…

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