Upcoming architecture stuff

by kai on 16/06/2004

Keep on reading 😉

Tomorrow, I’m going to write a short introduction in the MVC pattern and why I consider it to be a so called aggregated pattern.

Additionally I decided to release a very simple example for a CF app using some sort of minimum framework following MVC design pattern. Again: be warned, that one won’t neither be complete nor perfect. It should just give you a start in moving away from just scripting webpages in direction of building basic CF applications with an architecture at all. Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow also.

The next steps will be some detailled thoughts on patterns you might know from typical OO-metaphores and to show how the might fit in a CF application (using CFCs).

But for now, I’m switching over to watch the last 15 minutes of the UEFA nations cup game Russia vs. Portugal in TV 😉 Nearly now… one more to come…

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