.NET Framework when installing Railo with IIS

by kai 01/04/2013

The other day I helped a client to install Railo 4 with IIS 7.5 on a Windows server. Their problem was that the Railo installer seemed to have worked fine (as Railo itself worked without any issues on the internal webserver port), but the IIS connection didn’t have to be setup at all. A short […]

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Special characters in Hg Commit comments

by kai 06/02/2012

This was weird. The other day I was trying to commit something into an Hg repository. Not a new one, not a new setup – I had done thousands of successful commits into this repository in the past. The result of my commit was weird though: Error: transaction abort! rollback completed abort: decoding near ‘ailbox, […]

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Keep your phpMyAdmin installations up to date!

by marcus 12/08/2010

One of our customers is running an old, but stable 😉 Ubuntu Dapper Server that recently got hacked. The whole system acted totally normal, except for the fact that it ran ssh brute force attacks against several randomly chosen remote servers. So what happened? The attacker used a vulnerability in phpMyAdmin, which once had been […]

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My personal #1 bug fix in ColdFusion 9.0.1 is in the Admin API

by kai 16/07/2010

That might sound weird to everyone looking at the awesome list of new stuff in the ColdFusion 9.0.1 updater that Adobe has released just this week. But let me tell you what it that #1 bug fix is and why it makes the life of my clients so much easier.

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CENTEROS: Data Center Management with Flex

by kai 14/04/2010

I just thought, I’d take a bit of time to show off one of the projects we’ve been working on recently: CENTEROS – an affordable software for Data Center Management.

You all have an idea what a data center is, right? Quite large buildings hosting a vast amount of technology such as server racks and servers, air conditioning, diesel backup generators and much more. A data center is pretty much the representation of the virtual infrastructure we all rely on for the work and play we do while using the internet.

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(Un-)ethical clients? Opinions wanted!

by kai 28/03/2008

Something to think about for you guys. How do you deal with inquiries or clients that do not really stand highly regarded in your political or ethical views? It’s really hard for me to provide an example avoiding to step onto someones’s toes – but obviously there are a few things that each individual around […]

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