JVM memory settings for Railo (and Adobe ColdFusion) on Tomcat

by kai 30/12/2013

This is the first post of a loosely connected series about JVM settings (some of them related to memory, some others not). I got kind of inspired by a series of discussion threads on various CFML-related lists sitting in my inbox for a while now (because I felt the urge to comment on them — […]

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Installing Railo 4.0.2 on Debian

by kai 13/01/2013

I recently installed Railo 4.0.2 on a Debian server and it was an absolutely smooth ride. I essentially followed the installation guide provided in the Railo wiki. It’s really straight forward, but let’s go through the steps. Start here: Installation:InstallerDocumentation:LinLaunching Most likely (on a web server environment) you won’t have a UI available to you. […]

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Tmux plugin for IntelliJ

by kai 13/10/2012

This is really cool. Mark Mandel has recently started hacking on a very basic Tmux plugin for IntelliJ and it’s since then become a bit of our pet project for dabbling with IntellJ plugin development. No idea what Tmux is? It’s essentially a Terminal multiplexer. Extremely useful if you like working in a shell/terminal window […]

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Keep your phpMyAdmin installations up to date!

by marcus 12/08/2010

One of our customers is running an old, but stable 😉 Ubuntu Dapper Server that recently got hacked. The whole system acted totally normal, except for the fact that it ran ssh brute force attacks against several randomly chosen remote servers. So what happened? The attacker used a vulnerability in phpMyAdmin, which once had been […]

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AIR and FB3 for Linux Updates

by kai 01/04/2008

Adobe has released a new build (alpha3) of Flex Builder for Linux just recently. Also – there’s a public alpha of Adobe AIR for Linux now, awesome.

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Installing CF8 on Debian Etch

by marcus 02/11/2007

Yesterday evening, I needed to set up a CF8 development environment in VMWare. Honestly – this was the first install (and believe me, I installed a LOT of CF servers in my career) that really worked like a charm – good work, Adobe! If you ever set up a CF 5/6/7 server, you know about […]

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