Hail the AHT (Apple Hardware Test)

by kai 28/02/2012

Yesterday afternoon I all of a sudden started to get GSODs (Grey Screen Of Death) – the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death. Not good – actually those were my first serious crashes on this particular machine ever (which is about 2.5 years old). I went through the usual diagnostics, OSX permissions and […]

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Getting into Clojure (and other stuff)

by kai 07/01/2012

With the recent changes at Adobe I was more and more thinking that I need to further diversify what I’m doing. That was already happening in 2010 and 2011 quite a lot – client demand for Flash and Flex solutions decreased (and still is decreasing) and we found ourselves doing more and more Javascript-based applications. […]

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Some thoughts on Java, OS X, Eclipse and others

by kai 26/10/2010

Somewhere deeply hidden in the release notes of the recent Java for Mac OS X update, our friends from Apple have announced that they deprecated the Java runtime for Mac OS X and that “developers should not rely on the Apple-supplied Java runtime being present in future versions of Mac OS X”.

Read that as: Mac OS X 10.7 won’t have Java (by Apple), maybe we’re lucky and get the 10.6 update 3 thrown into OS X 10.7, but maybe not. To be fair – Apple was never a big and fast supporter of Java on OS X, for them to release Java 6 and 64-bit versions of the runtime was apparently a major drama so that a lot of Java developers on the Mac at some time just switched to SoyLatte, a FreeBSD port of Java 6. That worked and still works fine for a lot of server applications such as Tomcat.

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How to fix arbitrary error when mounting Windows drives via Samba in OSX

by kai 14/07/2010

Sometimes though unmounting the share/drive in Finder leads to a weird scenario that it unmounts fine but when I try again to mount the same or a different drive via Samba, I get a totally arbitrary error message saying nothing but “please check the IP address, bla bla bla”. Obviously the IP address is fine, rebooting the VM doesn’t help either.

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OS X quick look for Flex

by kai 23/01/2010

A few days ago I posted about using qlcolorcode to display syntax highlighted ColdFusion code in Mac OS X’s Finder’s quick look. Now – I had a bit of a look into how to use/extend the same plugin for displaying Action Script and MXML code as well.

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OS X quick look for ColdFusion

by kai 19/01/2010

I recently had to quickly glance over a whole lot of legacy CF files and I didn’t want to have to open each individual file in my preferred IDE. OS X supports quick look by hitting the space bar in finder for a lot of file types, ColdFusion wasn’t supported so far.

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Virtualizing OS X 10.5 Client on OS X 10.5

by kai 06/12/2008

With VMWare Fusion 2, VMWare has built support for installing the OS X 10.5 server operating system into the product. For various (I suppose licensing) reasons, VMWare Fusion 2 doesn’t allow one to install OS X 10.5 client – the setup wizard of Fusion would just not allow it. The technical reason is basically that […]

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Leopard and the broken FileReference in Flash Player

by kai 02/11/2007

With the update to Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), a lot of people reported issues with using the FileReference in the FlashPlayer (i.e. uploading/downloading files). Emmy Huang, who’s Product Manager for the FlashPlayer, has just posted that the “Moviestar” beta update for Mac that’s on Adobe Labs has been bumped up to version and that […]

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Want to buy a Mac in New Zealand?

by kai 04/09/2007

As I’ve blogged a few weeks ago – Diane and I have converted to using Macbooks (I’m on a MBP, she’s working on a nice 13″ black Macbook). When we were considering our options buying, we were looking into the official Apple resellers which honestly are a rip-off in New Zealand price-wise. Luckily, after doing […]

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Powermail – the end of the story

by kai 11/08/2007

The other week, I’ve blogged about my struggle to find a mail client on the Mac to suit my needs. After working with Powermail, I’m pretty happy now. The software is great, works very well for me and I can really recommend it. Apparently a few people who work with particular IMAP server setup have […]

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