Agent M and the rest of the world

Keep your phpMyAdmin installations up to date!

by marcus 12/08/2010

One of our customers is running an old, but stable 😉 Ubuntu Dapper Server that recently got hacked. The whole system acted totally normal, except for the fact that it ran ssh brute force attacks against several randomly chosen remote servers. So what happened? The attacker used a vulnerability in phpMyAdmin, which once had been […]

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My personal review of Webstock 2010 – (part I: workshops)

by kai 22/02/2010

Last week Wellington’s IT and web crowd celebrated the annual Webstock week. You’d think that at the end of the day, Webstock is just another conference – but that would be quite of an understatement and completely miss the point.

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Varnish HTTP Accelerator

by marcus 22/02/2008

A few days ago, I was searching for a reverse proxy that is capable of caching dynamic content for a specified period of time. Apache2 + mod_proxy / disk_cache seemed to be the perfect solution, but in fact it did not work properly in the scenario I set up (LAMP / Typo3). After googling around, […]

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Perpendicular Recording

by marcus 18/01/2006

Just discovered this one: Harddisk manufacturer Hitachi put a really neat and groovy flash movie about perpendicular recording on its website. It explains the principles of storing data “vertically”, thus offering a higher areal density. Flash movie about perpendicular recording …still dancing… 😀

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by kai 01/01/2006

I’m writing this on behalf of AgentM. He had ordered a replication model of himself and the little girl “R” has finally been delivered on Dec 29. Excellent work, mate 😉 BTW: He promised to post some more details about her…;)

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Agent R: some details

by marcus 01/01/2006

Hi everyone, as Kai mentioned in the last post, Agent R aka Renée was born on December 29th at 03:20 AM, being 45cm “tall” (about 1.476 feet) and weighing 2200g (about 4.850 lbs). I’m so happy, I cannot find any words to describe how I’m feeling right now… Time to order a V2.0 shirt at […]

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TheBat! 3.01 released

by marcus 16/10/2004

Yes folks, the third version of earth’s best email client is released. If you want email without the hassle, give it a try! Personally, I’m managing seven Accounts in TB, 70000+ Mails and growing. There are several reasons why I’m totally satisfied with it: -It never crashed since install -It’s heavily protected against Viruses and […]

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by marcus 26/09/2003

Auch, wenn ich mich ernsthaft frage, warum (außer zum Beeindrucken außenstehender Personen) man bei einer Enterprise-Datenbank in der achten Version (läuft hier aktuell) die Im- und Exporte noch immer über eine DOS-Box machen muss – hier eine geniale Tutorial-Page zum Thema:

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by marcus 26/04/2003

Hallo zusammen, diese beiden Links wird der eine oder andere zwar schon kennen, aber für die Feuerwerker unter uns sind sie doch brauchbar: Gerade für Leute wie mich, die alle Jubeljahre höchstens mal einen Button zaubern müssen, sind solche HowTo’s Gold wert 😉

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