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JVM memory settings for Railo (and Adobe ColdFusion) on Tomcat

by kai 30/12/2013

This is the first post of a loosely connected series about JVM settings (some of them related to memory, some others not). I got kind of inspired by a series of discussion threads on various CFML-related lists sitting in my inbox for a while now (because I felt the urge to comment on them — […]

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Railo Express Tomcat – updates

by kai 13/05/2013

I’ve just updated the Railo Express on Tomcat bundles that I’m compiling. They now feature Apache Tomcat 7.0.40 (which is a very recommended upgrade from .39) and various Railo versions: Tomcat 7.0.39 and Railo!m0IUhYDR!abAZeAh-dukXRw8EpMHV8lWAhGpyXuiyHhpvrNouaKw Tomcat 7.0.40 and Railo!6sx3GIrT!LJRexzWxkbQItSg_PdaRaEgsSDhzNzglO6y-Sjz__tk Tomcat 7.0.40 and Railo!25ZiFZaL!Q-RzyFRjWz43Xdy7senMmSHHi1wNFgj2cywGyv9X1Tk Tomcat 7.0.40 and Railo!f94nnI7a!MuHpoltxQANMISy6l7b8Gx_iZJw8hTf-e5wZ4s4QLrg

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Railo Express Tomcat for OS X

by kai 20/04/2013

And here we go. If you want to play with and try out my unofficial Railo Express Tomcat for OS X, you can get started by just visiting the wiki page for it. On there, I’ve provided some (hopefully useful) instructions on what to do after the download – please note that the screenshots show […]

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Railo Express on Tomcat

by kai 20/04/2013

The other day, I tried to help someone on the Railo mailing list to get an installation of Railo 4 on OS X going. Their problems were manyfold: They tried the OS X installer first, but ran into an issue with other file types besides CFML not properly being resolved by Tomcat (the OS X […]

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.NET Framework when installing Railo with IIS

by kai 01/04/2013

The other day I helped a client to install Railo 4 with IIS 7.5 on a Windows server. Their problem was that the Railo installer seemed to have worked fine (as Railo itself worked without any issues on the internal webserver port), but the IIS connection didn’t have to be setup at all. A short […]

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And then there was Webstock 2013 (day 2)

by kai 21/02/2013

Let’s talk about day 2 of Webstock 2013. The first speaker was Karen McGrane. Her session was titled “Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content”. Uhhh – you might think, but Karen’s message is much easier than the session title might make you expect. Essentially: It’s just not on to take your print PDF and publish it […]

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And then there was Webstock 2013 (day 1)

by kai 18/02/2013

I spent Thursday and Friday of last week at the awesome Webstock conference. I’m not gonna go into all the details of what it is, why it’s so awesome and why it sells out before they even put the programme together (I got asked the latter by a friend of mine who couldn’t believe the […]

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Thoughts on CFML in Railo, ColdFusion and Open BD

by kai 09/02/2013

Recently I’ve become more involved with the Railo community. A lot of clients (and myself, too) are really impressed with what the Railo team has delivered with version 4 of the Railo server. There’s a lot of interest and inquires from people wanting help to investigate what’d be involved with moving/porting their application from Adobe […]

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Installing Railo 4.0.2 on Debian

by kai 13/01/2013

I recently installed Railo 4.0.2 on a Debian server and it was an absolutely smooth ride. I essentially followed the installation guide provided in the Railo wiki. It’s really straight forward, but let’s go through the steps. Start here: Installation:InstallerDocumentation:LinLaunching Most likely (on a web server environment) you won’t have a UI available to you. […]

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New side project: jquery.expand.js

by kai 21/10/2012

I’ve got a new side project. Nothing major, but quite a bit of fun to play with: jquery.expand.js. Basically, it’s a little jQuery plugin that provides functionality for collapsing and expanding part of an HTML site. I needed this functionality as while ago for a client; ┬áthe only plugin out there providing the particular “flavour” […]

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