I’ve been writing product reviews, technical tutorials and various other types of articles for magazines in Germany as well as internationally since 2002. A large amount of them just appeared in print, some online and others both in print and online.

Below is a list – this is work in progress. Please also note that a large chunk might be in German. It seems that Google Translate usually does a good job in converting them into English, some things might appear to weird though – be warned 🙂


October 2009

Textfeatures in Flex (Create Or Die)
All about text in Flex 4 and in particular the TLF (Text Layout Framework)

August 2009

Layout und States in Flex 4 (Create Or Die)
An introduction into Layout and States in Flex 4.

July 2009

Flex 4 und Spark – Revolution oder Workaround (Create Or Die)
This article is a general introduction into Flex 4’s Speak UI components



Update: Railo bringt freie ColdFusion Engine (Create Or Die)
News item about Railo changing their licensing model and what it means for the CFML community.

Early 2008

ColdFusion 8 (Entwickler Magazin)
Review of the first ColdFusion release after the takeover of Macromedia by Adobe. Published in the print edition of Germany’s Entwickler Magazin.


June 2006

Plug-in-Parade: CFEclipse (Eclipse Magazin 1/2006)
Review of the CFEclipse plugin.

Sonnenfinsternis bei Adobe und Macromedia (Eclipse Magazin 1/2006)
An article about various Eclipse plugins that are useful for developers using Adobe and Macromedia technologies.



Mach II vs. Fusebox: An Architect’s View (MX Magazin)
This is an interview with Sean Corfield about CFML frameworks and other things. It was originally published in the print edition of MX Magazin, but is online on Create Or Die as well.


June 2004

Flex royal (Java Magazin)
Tutorial introducing the reader into Macromedia’s Flex 1.0 technology. This article was originally published in the print edition of Germany’s Java Magazin but is now available online on

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