And then there was Webstock 2013 (day 2)

by kai 21/02/2013

Let’s talk about day 2 of Webstock 2013. The first speaker was Karen McGrane. Her session was titled “Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content”. Uhhh – you might think, but Karen’s message is much easier than the session title might make you expect. Essentially: It’s just not on to take your print PDF and publish it […]

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And then there was Webstock 2013 (day 1)

by kai 18/02/2013

I spent Thursday and Friday of last week at the awesome Webstock conference. I’m not gonna go into all the details of what it is, why it’s so awesome and why it sells out before they even put the programme together (I got asked the latter by a friend of mine who couldn’t believe the […]

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Foto Feb: days 13 to 20

by kai 20/02/2012

Yeah, why not. I had a bit of a busy week and didn’t get to taking photos every day – and in particular to uploading them. Here’s a collection: Day 13: It’s webstock week – this is my bag Day 14: I’m prototyping – in a webstock workshop Day 15: ehhh… missing Day 16: oups, […]

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My personal review of Webstock 2010 – (part III: conference proper Friday)

by kai 23/02/2010

This is the final post of the Webstock 2010 series. It’s covering Friday of “conference proper”. The day started with a nice breakfast at Finc (not part of the official Webstock agenda though).

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My personal review of Webstock 2010 – (part II: conference proper Thursday)

by kai 22/02/2010

This second part of my Webstock 2010 review briefly covers the conference sessions on Thursday and some other bits and pieces around it.

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My personal review of Webstock 2010 – (part I: workshops)

by kai 22/02/2010

Last week Wellington’s IT and web crowd celebrated the annual Webstock week. You’d think that at the end of the day, Webstock is just another conference – but that would be quite of an understatement and completely miss the point.

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Webstock Trading Card Game – final wrap-up

by kai 23/03/2009

This blogpost was sitting in a text file on my hard drive for quite a while now and I finally finished it last night. It’s going to be the final wrap-up of the Webstock 09 trading card game, Minty and I’ve run at the conference. Besides pushing out the complete results table, I also want […]

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Transforming Pamela Fox :)

by kai 14/02/2009

Just some more insights into running the Webstock Trading Card Game 🙂 When we planned the cards, photos of the speakers served as templates for the beautiful comic faces on the cards. At some point late the week before last the final layouts and everything were sent off to the printer and Mike dropped off […]

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We’ve done it again – Webstock Trading Card Game

by kai 11/02/2009

Some people might remember back to the webDU conference and the Trading Card Game that was run during the conferece. I’ve blogged about it back then and sneak-previewed my card. Now, Nectarine and Ventego did it again and we’re running a complete new version of the game at Webstock 09 in Wellington, New Zealand. Ruleset […]

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Webstock recordings

by kai 24/03/2008

A few weeks back in February, Webstock 08 was on in Wellington. Webstock is a pretty much technology-independent web conference and some sort of a big event here in New Zealand. I’ve attended a few sessions (thanks to Mark Blair who had his ticket transferred to me as he couldn’t attend) and it was pretty […]

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