Kai’s other blog: Kais bewegtes Web

by kai 23/08/2012

I’m actually not sure who and how many of you reading this and following Blog in Black can read German, but I’ve been told Google Translate is doing a reasonably nice job nowadays when it comes to automated translations. I’ve got another (German only) blog: Kais bewegtes Web. It’s part of the Heise Developer channel; […]

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Why would anyone travel from New Zealand to Kansas City, MO? D2WC!

by kai 08/01/2012

The short answer is: for D2WC 2012. Let me briefly explain: D2WC is a conference about and for designers, developers, hybrid and the famous designer-developer workflow. It will go into its third iteration in 2012 and after Dee Sadler was originally trying to get me involved with the event already in 2010, I finally went […]

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Flash Platform Camp Wellington presentations

by kai 13/09/2010

Flash Platform Camp Wellington 2010 is over and it was good fun. I’m going to write a larger post about it (also covering the night activities of speakers and sponsors). This post is really just to push out the page where the presentation materials e.g. slides, code samples, videos etc. are hosted.

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Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington 2010

by kai 01/05/2010

Come along and learn about Adobe’s Flash Platform and creative tools for building Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Builder, BlazeDS, LiveCycle DS, LiveCycle Designer and lots more. This is also a place to meet and greet, share cool stuff, try out new technologies and code together with other like-minded people.

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CENTEROS: Data Center Management with Flex

by kai 14/04/2010

I just thought, I’d take a bit of time to show off one of the projects we’ve been working on recently: CENTEROS – an affordable software for Data Center Management.

You all have an idea what a data center is, right? Quite large buildings hosting a vast amount of technology such as server racks and servers, air conditioning, diesel backup generators and much more. A data center is pretty much the representation of the virtual infrastructure we all rely on for the work and play we do while using the internet.

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Adobe Refresh in Asia Pacific

by kai 01/02/2010

This is just a quick reminder that Adobe is running a series of Refresh events across Asia Pacific in February. Perth and Sydney are apparently booked out resp. very close to being booked out – but there are places left for Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.

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Webinale 2010

by kai 29/01/2010

Yay, Webinale 2010 in Berlin is on again (31/05 – 02/06) and I’m going to be hosting and moderating the RIA day at the conference. I’m quite happy and proud to have put together a super-interesting agenda (tentatively) with a quite international bouquet of speakers (in fact: Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany)

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Pilots have to sit here :-)

by kai 24/12/2008

This is going to be one of the last entries for this year, I suppose. It’s a funny one, but also at least somewhat related to Flash and Flex *g* Air New Zealand have recently rebuilt their Frequent Flyer portal using Flex. That’s cool in general, I don’t like the way how particular things have […]

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Edge of the Web conference, Perth 2008

by kai 17/07/2008

Awesome, I’ll be traveling over to Perth in November to attend the Edge of the Web conference. I’m going to do a regular conference session during the main conference (Nov 6) and will offer a 1/2 day workshop on the day after the main conference (Nov 7). The topic of the 1/2 day workshop on […]

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Flash-based game suite on Facebook

by kai 15/07/2008

Today I’ve met with Dan Milward for lunch. Dan owns a company here in Wellington (Instinct) that’s pretty deep in developing a game creation engine for Flash and particularly Flash Lite games. I’m pretty impressed, it’s a very nice tool and there’s an online version of it available on Facebook. I personally can see a […]

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