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How Maths and Computer Science gave me something to do

by kai 04/08/2013

The other day, my friend Sam McEwan published a post “How computer science saved my ass” on his blog. In this post, he explained how he ended up doing computer science and elaborated on both the good and the bad parts of his university (and in general overall schooling) experience. When I read Sam’s blog […]

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Trying to explain why I’m not an ACP anymore

by kai 14/01/2013

Recently a few people started to realise that I’m not an ACP (Adobe Community Professional) anymore and asked me why. This is going to be an explanation of how it came to this situation from my point of view. I want to make it very clear that I’m not looking back in anger and that […]

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Time travel

by kai 13/01/2013

About 10 years ago, Diane and I went to Australia for the first time ever. There will probably be a special blog post to celebrate the occasion at some stage in February. Today I just got reminded of the trip because an “anonymous friend” of mine sent me this: Now go back in time to […]

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Kai’s other blog: Kais bewegtes Web

by kai 23/08/2012

I’m actually not sure who and how many of you reading this and following Blog in Black can read German, but I’ve been told Google Translate is doing a reasonably nice job nowadays when it comes to automated translations. I’ve got another (German only) blog: Kais bewegtes Web. It’s part of the Heise Developer channel; […]

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A story of the past

by kai 03/07/2007

I was inspired to write this entry while reading Agent M’s post about his new endeavours in starting his own company in Germany together with Bernd. It’s a post about the past, basically about how M and K met, worked together and about the company we used to work for. I’ve started doing CF in […]

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Independence Day

by marcus 02/07/2007

What might make a person quit its job and become self-employed? Sometimes, there are opportunities that you just can’t ignore… To make it short: starting on the 4th of July, Bernd Mühlenbeck, a msg coworker , and me will launch at.net websolutions Yes, the name is a mash-up of the names of the companies we […]

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I hate computers

by kai 20/02/2007

…at least sometimes. Today was one of THOSE days… 1. While I was talking via Skype with someone I work with pretty closely on a cool CF/Flex project, we started to get connection drops and finally my laptop was getting slower and slower and Windows totally froze. Well, it’s Windows after all – but that […]

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Happy New Year and some changes: Ventego Creative Ltd.

by kai 14/01/2007

Happy New Year – yes, I know, it’s Jan 15 already. Sorry for that, folks 😉 There are some news to tell: I’ve left my full-time employment with ZeroOne in Wellington and Jan 12 was my last day. Starting from today I’m a self-employed Software Solutions Architect working for our own company: Ventego Creative Ltd. […]

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Back again

by kai 21/10/2006

Well, some people might have noticed that I haven’t been writing for nearly 3 months now – sorry for that. It’s pretty hard to provide a particular reason for that fact, there was just a lot going on lately, various things to do etc, you know… New Zealand is still treating us well, particularly now […]

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Back to BIB

by kai 12/05/2006

It was rather quiet during the last 1.5 months. Well, sorry for that, some things regarding life outside internet and web caught my attention 🙂 Basically I was really busy continuing our settlement process in New Zealand, got a mortgage, bought a house and got some visa conditions removed. But now, I’m pretty much ready […]

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