2DDU (2 developers down under) podcast episode 25: Kris Korsmo and IDEs

by kai 11/09/2012

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that Mark and I have recorded and published episode 25 of the “2 developers down under” – 2DDU – podcast the other day. We’ve been talking to Kris Korsmo about IDEs. Kris is another of our cf.Objective(ANZ) speakers and he’s got a web development career […]

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I’m flying an AirNZ 777-200

by kai 25/02/2010

The next action item after being to the Engineering base was the 777-sim ride. Air NZ has two simulator and training buildings in the vicinity of Auckland Airport.

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A visit at Air New Zealand’s Engineering Base in Auckland

by kai 24/02/2010

This is the second post about my awesome day on Monday. After @blauerpunto and I arrived in Auckland, Mark Farley from Air NZ picked us up at the air bridge. Mark is a Flight Service Manager with Air New Zealand but also does a lot of work on the ground. One of his projects is crew management, training and planning for a project Air NZ runs together with Hawaiian Airlines (more on that further down).

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An awesome day with Air New Zealand

by kai 23/02/2010

Yesterday, I had one of the most awesome days of my life. It would rate it right below the category comprising “Getting married to @blauerpunto” and “Getting permanent residency in New Zealand” and on a very similar level with stuff such as “Flying in a small airplane for the first time” and “Going solo in a small airplane for the first time”.

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Why Air New Zealand is the Airline of the Year!

by kai 25/01/2010

Air New Zealand (short Air NZ from here on) – my home turf airline – has recently been named Airline of the Year in the Air Transport World magazine awards. There are plenty of reasons why they absolutely have deserved to win this award. Plenty, really!

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Hints from someone who travels too often

by kai 23/05/2009

Before I start this post – I’m already in the process of rebuilding this blog: new engine, new look & feel etc. Just not finished yet – so don’t complain 🙂 This is just a quick post that comprises a random dump of thoughts on air travel, a few recommendations and links to tools I […]

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Pilots have to sit here :-)

by kai 24/12/2008

This is going to be one of the last entries for this year, I suppose. It’s a funny one, but also at least somewhat related to Flash and Flex *g* Air New Zealand have recently rebuilt their Frequent Flyer portal using Flex. That’s cool in general, I don’t like the way how particular things have […]

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