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ParameterExists => isDefined

by marcus 06/02/2010

Another quick regex: to perform a sitewide search/replace that replaces every “parameterExists” by “isDefined”…

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cfqueryparam / regular expression

by marcus 06/02/2010

Currently, I’m migrating a CF5/Win project to CFMX9/Linux. Apart from the usual path issues, the one who programmed this app yeeears ago did not protect *any single* form- or url-variable inside CFQUERY against misuse or even SQL-Injection. Not one syntax check, no CFQUERYPARAM… *sigh*

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The monitoring service is not available

by marcus 19/09/2008

If your CF8 installation starts without error, but returns an error 500 stating something like… “500 the monitoring service is not available” …on each request, then probably your neo-monitoring.xml is corrupt. This solution did the trick for me: -Rename or delete the corrupt {cf_dir}/lib/neo-monitoring.xml -Restart CF CF then creates a new neo-monitoring.xml, but totally refuses […]

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Installing CF8 on Debian Etch

by marcus 02/11/2007

Yesterday evening, I needed to set up a CF8 development environment in VMWare. Honestly – this was the first install (and believe me, I installed a LOT of CF servers in my career) that really worked like a charm – good work, Adobe! If you ever set up a CF 5/6/7 server, you know about […]

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ColdFusion 5 on openSuSe 10.2

by marcus 23/03/2007

Yesterday evening, a friend of mine asked me if I know how to install ColdFusion 5.0 on a up-to-date openSuse system. After some fiddling around, I indeed found a way to get it running, but let’s start from the beginning:The main problem is: it simply won’t run out of the box because of the following […]

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IgniteFusion 2.9b available

by marcus 21/06/2006

As of June, 19th, a new release (2.9b) of IgniteFusion, a free CF engine I talked about a while ago, is available for download. It now fully supports UTF8, has a MS-independent codebase and several bug fixed. Give it a try, you won’t regret! 😉 Ignite Fusion Website

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Ignite Fusion in the house

by marcus 07/01/2006

Last monday, I met Ilyas Hamidzai, one of the core developers of Ignite Fusion, in Mönchengladbach. We had a really fun and interesting talk about… err.. everything? 🙂 To let you know the backgrounds of this meeting: I first got in touch with Ignite Fusion about a year ago due to a mailing list post, […]

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CFMX 7 Developer Certification, Part II

by marcus 28/07/2005

The operator “AND” returns true if both expressions are true. So, to prove that our BIB-Headline, which says that kk AND mr are two advanced certified CF developers, is true, I also needed to take the CFMX Developer Test again (and besides, I had to pass it to keep my CF-Instructor title). Well, I reached […]

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AgentM on ColdFusion performance guidelines: URL

by marcus 05/07/2005

Here’s the URL for today’s Breezo: If you attended my last presentation on CF performance, you’ll notice that I have some new topics – well, not too many, because hints that were good yesterday are mostly still correct today. Hopefully, there will be no server crash like last time 😉 See you at 4 […]

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Reserved words in QoQ

by marcus 04/05/2005

Today, a user of the Henkel CMS reported a bug in a handler that I wrote. Funny thing – it worked and still works on all CF5 servers we’re running, besides one CFMX that hosts sections needing the UTF-8 charset. So, what happened?The error occured in the edit handler for the random image object on […]

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