MAX 2007

Aral Balkan explains SWX

by kai 05/10/2007

During one of the MAX breakfast, I was having a chat with Aral Balkan about his open-source project SWX. SWX is a native data format for Flash player-based RIAs and it looks great. It currently supports the .swf format for up to version 8 and Aral is working on providing support for the new Virtual […]

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MAX 2007 Chicago is…over…:-(

by kai 04/10/2007

So, MAX 2007 is finally over. It’s been a great conference and I’m very happy that I’ve had the chance to come over. I haven’t had the chance to do much blogging here in BIB as I was reporting from MAX 2007 for the German online magazine Create Or Die and spent a lot of […]

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MAX Chicago 2007

by kai 02/10/2007

Diane and I are currently at MAX 2007 Chicago. Sorry for being lazy with blogging, but the wireless network is playing really bad tricks with me, I always have to go into the press room to get connection, in other spots it’s just too unstable to get anything done. Anyway, So far it’s been great. […]

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4 days to go

by kai 24/09/2007

4 more days and then Diane and I will be heading off to MAX Chicago via Auckland and San Francisco – so looking forward to it and to seeing all the Adobe folks again after not being able to attend MAX 2006. I will be doing some blogging here, posting a bunch of pictures on […]

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Adobe MAX 2007 – Director 11 and Chicago Blog

by kai 03/08/2007

Two worthwhile facts about Adobe MAX 2007… 1. Director is NOT dead – there will be a Director 11 and Adobe will talk about it at MAX 2007. Even with me not using Director currently and regularly at this stage, I’ve really enjoyed it in former times with Director MX 🙂 And don’t forget that […]

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