jQuery Mobile workshops in Germany in October 2013

by kai 15/04/2013

While I’m going to be in Germany for CFCamp in October, I’ll be running three instances of my “Developing mobile web applications with jQuery Mobile” workshop in each Frankfurt (October 8, 2013), Cologne (October 10, 2013) and Hamburg (October 17, 2013). The three trainings are being held in cooperation with Heise Events, the event and […]

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And Adobe does it again – pulling Touch Apps without telling their community

by kai 12/01/2013

Maybe I should rather say “community” as sometimes it seems to me that there’s not a great deal left of the Adobe’s involvement with their community. The story in short, PR-blurb is that they are “refocusing … Touch App development“. In case you don’t speak PR-blurb, this means that Adobe Debut, Adobe Collage, Adobe Proto and […]

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2DDU (2 developers down under) podcast episode 26: Marcin and Phil

by kai 13/10/2012

The other day, Mark and I recorded another episode of our 2DDU podcast. This time we’re being joined by Marcin Szczepanski and Phil Haeusler. Right at the start Mark proves again that he has no clue how to pronounce non-Australian last names correctly (he’s got a history there…:-) We’ve had a very nice chat with the two chaps […]

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2DDU (2 developers down under) podcast episode 24: group chat

by kai 22/08/2012

Mark and I are on a roll. Episode 24 of our 2DDU (2 developers down under) podcast is live. Yesterday morning we spent about 50 minutes talking to Andrew Mercer, Justin McLean and Richard Turner-Jones about various technology and development topics. All three of them are speakers at cf.Objective(ANZ) in November and we interviewed them […]

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Lack of password security at Telecom NZ?

by kai 12/02/2012

I had to change the password for Telecom NZ’s “mbbmeter” application for a prepaid data SIM card the other day. I wanted to create and set a secure password, some mix of latin characters, numbers and special characters. Look at the screenshot below: It didn’t let me. It didn’t allow “symbols” – which means: special […]

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Rooting Google Nexus One on Android GRK39F build

by kai 25/01/2012

The other day I needed to change the hosts file on my Google Nexus One (to actually point a domain name to a local dev environment so that I could test some mobile web application development I’ve been doing). I needed root access to do that and I ended up realising that I had lost […]

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Why would anyone travel from New Zealand to Kansas City, MO? D2WC!

by kai 08/01/2012

The short answer is: for D2WC 2012. Let me briefly explain: D2WC is a conference about and for designers, developers, hybrid and the famous designer-developer workflow. It will go into its third iteration in 2012 and after Dee Sadler was originally trying to get me involved with the event already in 2010, I finally went […]

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Results of the NZ mobile carrier Friday challenge

by kai 17/09/2010

This morning I posted a “Friday challenge for Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2degree Mobile”. The idea was for the three large mobile networks in NZ to come up with a response to a typical scenario of a mobile device user looking for a good and reasonably priced plan/package structure. Everyone had time until 5:30 pm today (with a potential extension of 15 minutes or so because the server had an issue) to come up with something.

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A Friday challenge for Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2degrees Mobile

by kai 17/09/2010

New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific. We’re far away from the rest of the world, have a quite large landmass (about the size of Germany) and very few people to fill it with (about 4.5 million compared to Germany’s 80 million). This setting creates an interesting scenario for a bunch of industries, among them the telecommunications sector.

One of the most expensive services in New Zealand (compared to pricing in other countries as well as the average income and cost of living) is using a mobile phone and in particularly data on a mobile phone. At this stage New Zealanders can use three mobile networks, provided by Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2degrees mobile. There are also a few virtual network operators like Orcon, Compass Communications and others who pretty much re-bundle offerings from one of the three large players under their own brand – I’ll keep them at the side at this stage.

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How to upgrade your Vodafone Google Nexus One from EPF30 to Froyo – today!

by kai 01/07/2010

Some people have asked me how to actually get rid of the Vodafone Nexus One firmware EPF30 and upgrade their device to Froyo (Android 2.2) pretty much now.

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