And another new episode of the 2DDU podcast

by kai 20/04/2013

Today, Mark and I recorded and published episode number 30 of our 2DDU Podcast with the awesome title “Broken Code, Rayguns, Enterprise Software and an ark”. We were joined by a guest: my friend and web entrepreneur John-Daniel Trask. It was a really good and fun recording. We spoke about a whole lot of different things, starting with […]

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And there is also the 2DDU podcast… episode 29 is available now

by kai 06/04/2013

Today, Mark and I recorded episode 29 of the 2DDU podcast. Yeah, I know – we haven’t done anything for the last nearly 4 months and I absolute acknowledge that. Anyway, we’re back. Today’s episode covers a whole list of stuff: Conferences we attended this year (Mark: RubyConf AU, Kai: Webstock) Conferences either of us or both […]

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Time travel

by kai 13/01/2013

About 10 years ago, Diane and I went to Australia for the first time ever. There will probably be a special blog post to celebrate the occasion at some stage in February. Today I just got reminded of the trip because an “anonymous friend” of mine sent me this: Now go back in time to […]

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2DDU (2 developers down under) podcast episode 26: Marcin and Phil

by kai 13/10/2012

The other day, Mark and I recorded another episode of our 2DDU podcast. This time we’re being joined by Marcin Szczepanski and Phil Haeusler. Right at the start Mark proves again that he has no clue how to pronounce non-Australian last names correctly (he’s got a history there…:-) We’ve had a very nice chat with the two chaps […]

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2DDU Podcast is back from the summer break

by kai 29/02/2012

Just a quick announcement that 2DDU (2 Devs from Down Under) Podcast is back from the summer break. This morning, Mark and I recorded episode 19 titled “We’re back with ColdFusion 10 Beta”.It’s all about … well … the ColdFusion 10 Beta. We also have a long list of other stuff we didn’t get to […]

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Foto Feb: days 13 to 20

by kai 20/02/2012

Yeah, why not. I had a bit of a busy week and didn’t get to taking photos every day – and in particular to uploading them. Here’s a collection: Day 13: It’s webstock week – this is my bag Day 14: I’m prototyping – in a webstock workshop Day 15: ehhh… missing Day 16: oups, […]

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Foto Feb: day 12

by kai 12/02/2012

I went flying this morning. While I was at it, I did a rating for the PA28-161 in ZK-MBG – the newest addition to the Wellington Aero Club’s fleet. Took me 2.8 hrs and was lots of fun – first time ever I experienced and practiced a Max Rate Turn. We also nearly had a […]

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Foto Feb: day 11

by kai 12/02/2012

Slightly delayed again, sorry. These Espresso cups are a present from a recent France trip from our friends Simon and Laure and I found them on my desk when I got home. Yay – thx!

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Foto Feb: day 10

by kai 10/02/2012

Just seen at Sydney Domestic T3 on my way out. Very nice. Made my day 🙂

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Foto Feb: day 9

by kai 09/02/2012

This really is today’s Foto Feb post 🙂 I proudly present my Australian Keep Cup in a tradional good old … eh… Australian New Zealand German Danish colour scheme or red and white. It lives in @ilaerias desk drawer (together with its also white friend – my spare Apple mouse) when I’m not at the […]

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