Direct Download Links for (older versions of) Adobe ColdFusion and others

by kai 06/08/2012

I just figured it’d be a good idea to create a quick blog post about how to find and download older versions of Adobe software. I got inspired by Robin Hilliard asking for a Solaris installer for ColdFusion 8 the other day on the cfaussie mailing list. He got lucky and Richard Turner-Jones from Adobe […]

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Flash Platform Code Camp Wellington 2010

by kai 01/05/2010

Come along and learn about Adobe’s Flash Platform and creative tools for building Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Builder, BlazeDS, LiveCycle DS, LiveCycle Designer and lots more. This is also a place to meet and greet, share cool stuff, try out new technologies and code together with other like-minded people.

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Unhandled exception in FormDesigner.exe – Excuse me?

by kai 16/04/2010

I wanted to use an installation of LC Designer ES 8.2 on a Win XP SP 2 VM (typical training or “I just need to quickly edit a form” setup for me). Said installation always worked fine and I never had any issues with it before. Firing it up today left me ending up with an “unhandled expection in FormDesigner.exe” and the option to debug the issue in VisualStudio.

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Accessible PDF documents and forms

by kai 20/01/2010

Yes, to a lot of people’s surprise PDF documents can be authored (and made afterwards) accessible. The keywords here are avoiding scanned paper documents (although OCR can do quite a lot) and in particular making use of tagging and reading order. A very good overview is provided by the Social Security Administration in the US. […]

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Hightlighted borders in LiveCycle Designer

by kai 24/11/2008

I came across a slightly weird issue the other day when building forms in LiveCycle Designer. LC forms offer the nice and simple feature of being able to create form elements that render highlighted in Reader or Acrobat Pro when mandatory. For whatever reason I had a few form elements in which the form element […]

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