Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect (hosted): make sure your user profile timezone is correct

by kai 18/01/2013

The other day I was helping a client who are using Adobe Connect (hosted on the Adobe servers) and experienced an issue with scheduling meetings. What was basically happening was that when they scheduled a meeting it would always be created in US Pacific time. I do have admin access to their hosted Connect account, […]

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Adobe Connect 8.2 cannot be installed directly on Windows Server 2008 R2

by kai 27/12/2012

The latest available “full” installer for Adobe Connect 8 is for version 8.2 (which is also known as Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 2). According to the documentation (release notes and tech specs) the supported operating systems for licensed deployments are either Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Unfortunately there’s an undocumented […]

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Adobe Connect license files – technote error and be aware of the download URL

by kai 26/12/2012

This is just a quick post because a client of mine ran into this issue not too long ago. When one is buying Adobe Connect under the so called “licensed” model, it’s very common to be given only a license key from your reseller or distributor. The Adobe Connect installer however requires you to enter […]

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Adobe Connect 8 SSL – Certificate Signing Request for multiple domains

by kai 10/09/2012

This is part 3 of a mini-series of posts about Adobe Connect 8 and SSL. It actually was never intended to be a series of posts, it just grew into one – kind of organically. In the last post I explained how one can create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Adobe Connect 8 SSL […]

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Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Adobe Connect

by kai 26/08/2012

The other day, I wrote about setting up stunnel for Adobe Connect. When I did the SSL setup for the client I was working with on that occasion, we also had to get the SSL certificate created. The Adobe Connect installation of the client is entirely internal and not used outside their organisation. The way […]

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Adobe Connect 8 SSL – getting stunnel up and running

by kai 22/08/2012

Today I was helping a client to setup proper SSL handling for their Adobe Connect 8 instance. Essentially all they wanted to do was to secure the Adobe Connect web admin with SSL and https; the actual Flash Media Server-based meeting server and its RTMP communication wasn’t going to be secured at this stage. The […]

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Adobe Connect and HTTP status codes

by kai 05/02/2012

One thing that annoys me quite a bit is how Adobe Connect handles HTTP status codes. Essentially it’s doing it in the wrong way (from my point of view at least), but let me explain. You might just know Adobe Connect from using Adobe’s hosted SaaS, but Adobe sells Adobe Connect as a so called […]

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Moving the Adobe Connect content storage

by kai 02/02/2012

You’ve installed a licensed (=self-hosted) version of Adobe Connect 7 or 8 and all of a sudden you have realised that you really need to move the content storage to a different area of the server because your C: drive is running out of space? A few weeks ago a client asked me how to […]

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