Best use of AIR so far? :)

by kai 17/07/2008

I got this via Matt Voerman while having a Skype chat conversation with him. Desktop Keely seems to be very close to being the best use of the AIR technology so far, LOL. Having downloaded the “application” immediately after Mr. Voerman kindly pointed me to this excellent use of the platform, I started to study […]

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The new AIR Logo…

by kai 15/11/2007

…has been shown by Mike Chambers. I think it’s very stylish and cool and it conveys the message behind AIR. I love it, well done guys!

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Chipwits is back: in Adobe AIR

by kai 17/10/2007

Just came across that by accident – the classic game Chipwits is back. And even better – it’s done in AIR! Sweet, check it out!

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Adobe AIR derby

by kai 15/06/2007

Andrew Spaulding just pointed me to this: The Adobe AIR derby is now available world-wide, not just in the US. Well, not 100% sure about world-wide, but at least it’s def. available in Australia and New Zealand 🙂 Well done Adobe!

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Mike Downey @ DEMO 2007

by kai 08/02/2007

Mike Downey presented Apollo at the DEMO 2007 conference. Here’s a video recording: http://www.demo.com/demonstrators/demo2007/91259.php. Very interesting to watch.

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