Airport chaos

by kai on 24/09/2004

During the last days I was on the road to deliver a ACFD class at a customer in Hamburg and after that I went down to Zurich and Munich to speak about Flex during the LogOn InfoDays Java. Fine so far, the audience seemed to be really interested in the technology and I got the chance to talk to some people afterwards.

But – yesterdays flying was a mess. The technicians of Lufthansa systems crashed the whole check-in and flight planning system during a software update yesterday morning. So – nothing worked. At Zurich airport yesterday morning I was quite happy that I kept my ticket bill which allowed them to write a boarding ticket by hand for me. It felt like taking one of the low-low-low-cost carriers where you could choose your seat…

The plane finally depatured three hours late which means that I just nearly was in time for my session. On the way back to Düsseldorf I managed to hop on a flight over one hour earlier (at least by the schedule) but this one wasn’t able to start because there were crew members missing who got stuck on another airplane with delay somewhere in Europe. Lufthansa wasn’t able to fill the gap in the cabin crew with their stand-by people but fortunately one of the passengers was a flight attendant and she volunteered to work to get that thing going. Aaaaargh!

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