MX Day, October 1st in Stuttgart

by kai on 09/10/2004

On Oct 1st, Macromedia UK invited web developers to join the first German MX Days – which is intended to grow into a series and take place several times a year.

The Stuttgart event itself was a nice one, Macromedia announced Kevin Lynch and Tim Buntel during the beginning of their event marketing phase, but ended up with both not being there which was too sad. I hope and expect they’ll make it for the one of the next events in Germany…

The agenda had been quite interesting. Due to some flight conflics with Lucas returning from South Africa we turned the agenda head over heels and Sven Claar and I decided to do two separate sessions on Flex together in a combined one with both of us speaking, making stupid and most silly gags and so on 😉 But I think the attendees (around 80 for the whole day) liked it and got some really useful technical information and further detailled stuff compared to the usual marketing blurbs…;)

Sven did another Flex design-centric session and I talked a bit about ColdFusion scalability later the afternoon with topics like clustering, J2EE session replication, JVM selection and monitoring and gave a brief overview of CF admin sessions.

My slides are available on the session page of my personal non-weblog webpage, a non-sense movie of the day will be available very soon (some more hours)…

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