Mysterious series of expired CF licenses ;)

by kai on 30/03/2005

The first case of the mysterious license expiration happend about six week ago and was revealed by the genius of Detective Superintendant Dirk Eismann. He noticed that the ColdFusion 7 license of a very famous person in the Macromedia-sphere was just expired. Read more about this case in Dirk Eismanns online case files.

Now it happened again. The mysterious license expiration series continues after the whole world thought to be safe again. The victim today was a big Australian goverment agency responsible for tenders and procurement. It is still not clear if this was the work of a single criminal or if the world has to fear for a whole bunch of CF-terrorists stealing other peoples CF license numbers (ehh, if the latter, please send me an enterprise edition key, ok? :-).

Main investigator in the most recent case is the reporting team of Builder AU, there is no official statement of the victims organization yet

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