A CF7 Flash forms double thumb slider

by kai on 08/06/2005

I recently built a double thumb slider for CF 7 Flash forms. As there is no Flash forms CFSLIDER tag, I searched the web and found an implementation of an awesome slider, done by Nahuel and Laura of asfusion.com .

But I needed a slider with two thumbs, so I took their code and extended/changed it a bit. The result is available in my CF7 playground. This slider was (and still is…) a tough one, as it was a hassle to get the adjustments for the layout properly.

Technically this slider consists of a text input field (fairly narrow one) and two buttons. The input field plays the role of the sliding bar and the buttons play the roles of the thumbs. Difficult was to get both buttons aligned on the sliding bar. Another “feature” is that you can’t move the left thumb to the right of the position of the right thumb and vice versa.

A big drawback is that I didn’t manage to get the thumbs pre-set with a starting value right now. I’m working on it and got an onLoad()-emulation going already, but it didn’t seem to accept my changes in position.

I’ll post a link to the customtag with a basic documentation in the left download column of the blog index page later today. Meanwhile, you’re free to download the code example on the playground, but there’s nothing documented.

Douglas Knudsen February 21, 2006 at 12:00 am

i know this is an old post, but how to get this thing to init the thumbs at predetermined values? I have tried

onLoad=”#attributes.name#_#attributes.nameRightThumb#._x = 20;”

but no good. Yes, I’m using the latest CF7 which supports onload. Anyhelp would be appreciated.

D Knudsen

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