Arrived, settled and ready to start…

by kai on 30/12/2005

You guys haven’t heard anything from me for a pretty long time now. Sorry for that, but the effort needed to move two lifes from Germany to New Zealand was surprisingly 😉 a lot…

But now we’ve made it. We arrived in Wellington, Dec 4 as planned, Bruce and my new colleagues from ZeroOne had organised a city-flat for us for two weeks and meanwhile we’ve found something long-term on our own. We’re living in Berhampore now, which is one of the southern suburbs of Wellington, about 3 minutes by car to Island Bay with a very nice beach and rocks area and about 10-15 minutes by bus to the CBD of Wellington.

I’m going to start my new job in a few more days (Jan 4) and I’m pretty excited about it. Besides getting our training facility and the necessary formal stuff up and running, I’ll participate in a pretty cool RIA project we’re going to launch hopefully in March… so wait and see.

That’s basically all for now, you’re going to read way more stuff here as soon as I’m back in office at work.

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