blog wars, can’t believe it

by kai on 18/01/2006

This is at least annoying – still trying to be polite somehow. If you haven’t heard about it yet – there are some pretty big discussions going on about Ray Camdens blog CFC. Appearently some other guy took it, did modifications to it and redistributed them on his own blogsite while stripping out comments and copyright notices of Ray.

So far so good, Ray didn’t provide some sort of license with BlogCFC, which let’s me assume that the legal situation is at least some sort of unclear – at least I don’t have any idea about it. From a moral or ethical point of view I’d say modification of code is fine, I’d rather see people just distribute the modified code instead of forking products into tons of different development branches, but anyway.

What definetely is totally against all of my moral is to take code from other people, modify it slightly, bundle it to some sort of product and market it under one’s own brand. This is f*cking shit, man! It’s just inappropriate, point.

But it even gets worse: The guy started ranting about the evil ColdFusion community, about Ray sending some sort of “stormtroopers” to his blogsite, about the BlogCFC itself and so on which he stated was one of worst pieces of software he has ever worked with.

I don’t wanna further comment on that, it’s just sad. It’s sad that this must have happend as the CF community is a rather small one and it’s sad that Ray needs to think about putting a license file aside his code now.

Apart from that let me say that BlogCFC is a great piece of software. I’m not running this blog on it, but I’m using it for two other private and non-public sites and it’s just easy to setup, stable as a rock and coded in a totally appropriate way.

thinman January 18, 2006 at 12:00 am

Yeah. What he said, bad words and all. That dude could use some meds of his own. Or maybe he’s already ON some. Heh.

Alex Hubner January 18, 2006 at 12:00 am

That’s just wrong. Can someone please point me the guy is doing it? Seriously.

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