The flow

by kai on 30/03/2006

For some reason, I’m really keen on blogging today. One of those days… anyway – after contributing some stuff to ZeroOne’s teamblog theword today, I need to post at least one new entry over here… BTW: Make sure to read my post on Outsourcing to New Zealand πŸ™‚

This one is about ‘the flow’. If you’re a developer you might know it – it’s the mood you’re getting into when coding – in an ideal world without being disturbed by clients, co-workers etc. and being very productive. As soon as you lost the flow for whatever reason, it takes at least another 30 minutes to get back on track.

Today I found a new trigger to get myself into it extremly easy. I knew that one of my triggers was music, but it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect song/style. Well – AgentK’s new trigger is listening to the album “Head Injuries” by Midnight Oil. Yoo-hoo πŸ™‚

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