CF Flashforms and Safari

by kai on 19/12/2006

I’ve just had an interesting experience with a CF Flashform. I’ve built a Flashform-based survey application for a client and it worked just fine in IE and Firefox on different platforms. After a while the client came back and told us that their target audience (schools) are heavily into using the Safari browser on Mac and that they basically couldn’t see the text of the survey questions. All the other stuff was totally fine, the UI components work well etc.

Weird – you might think that the Flashform renders to a swf and it doesn’t really make a difference which browser they run in it.

The CF tags creating the survey look similar to the code below:

<cfformitem type=”hrule” width=”400″ height=”1″></cfformitem>
<cfformitem type=”text” width=”650″ height=”35″ style=”fontWeight:bold”>1. blabla?</cfformitem>

It finally turned out that the reason for the Flashforms not working properly in Safari was that the form wasn’t encapsulated in a <body> tag. After changing that, the Flashforms app works sweet as in Safari as well.

Michael July 1, 2007 at 12:00 am

Hi there! I always got trouble with Safari …that’s why i’m using the Fox for filling out forms 😉


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