webDU 2007 – 5 years of Daemon Goodness

by kai on 16/01/2007

webDU 2007 is approaching with faaaaaaast moves and I will be there. This is my 5th conference (out of 5, yeeeah) and as every year I’m sure it will be the best, most entertaining, friedliest, most social and most amazing and educating conference of the year! I hear you asking why – well, the Aussies and the New Zealanders are nice and friendly people (wonder who’s kicking my butt for that in the first place, the Aussies because I was saying something nice about NZ or vice versa ;). But obviously there are some more reasons:

– Meet Geoff and Julie, the folks behind webDU and Daemon in person
– Spend a few nice days in Sydney in the sun
– Get drunk on Finula’s Microsoft bar tab (sorry Gav, can’t help but pulling out that story again 😉 )
– Learn about Scorpio and the future of Rich Client Development with Apollo
– Experience Tim Buntel in one of his famous and entertaining keynotes
– just HAVE FUN!

See you at webDU 2007!

Gav January 16, 2007 at 12:00 am

Sound, thanks Kai! 😉 I won’t be making it this year, so there’ll be no drunken stories or Elvis impresonations from me this year! I know you’re all disappointed!

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