I hate computers

by kai on 20/02/2007

…at least sometimes. Today was one of THOSE days…

1. While I was talking via Skype with someone I work with pretty closely on a cool CF/Flex project, we started to get connection drops and finally my laptop was getting slower and slower and Windows totally froze.

Well, it’s Windows after all – but that shouldn’t happen, right? Rebooting showed an interesting behaviour – it tooookkk aaaaagees to come up and even working within Windows was totally slow. No virus infection, no spyware/trojan stuff could be detected so I started investigating in a few directions.

Finally it took me two hours to find out that apparently my Windows swap file was somehow broken. So I set the size of the swap file to 0 which effectively deletes it after a reboot, everything was fine and back to normal. I’ve then recreated it in a different location and ready to go again…

2. My laptop (Asus M6VA) is a bit noisy sometimes, it was rather weird that the fans were running even while being in idle mode. Today I accidentally found out that there are some flaws in the BIOS of my laptop which basically leads to having the fans not properly controlled.

I found this forum post which describes how to fix it (with a tool named SpeedFan) – well, not really the perfect way to do it, but at least my laptop is quiet now.

barry.b February 20, 2007 at 12:00 am

sorry to hear your woes. the only advice I can give is…

buy a Mac…

Matt Platte February 20, 2007 at 12:00 am

Uh, barry… I bought a Mac. And I hate computers too. Especially computers that need to use Java apps like Eclipse/Flex Builder. Rebooting at least once a day is becoming normal; multiple reboots is not that unusual. Smells like Windows Spirit to me. Yesterday was one of THOSE days.

b February 20, 2007 at 12:00 am

Dude try diskeeper to defrag your system, I did something where it defraged my page file and all my applications and my OS is running much better in windows. This is a client machine that I ran it on. At home and doing my side jobs I use a mac, i find it easier to do the majority of simple tasks and I’ve never wanted to throw my mac out a window (or out for a window).

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