Travel mashup raffle

by kai on 03/07/2007

And now – as a reward for those who read my last post, a small competition with a nice price to win:

A Total Training DVD “Total Training for Adobe Flex 2” hosted by James Talbot


How to get it?

The first person to send me an email to kai (at) thisdomainhere answering correctly the following questions is going to win this DVD.

1. What’s the reason for this trip?
2. What are departure city, the two stopovers on the way and the final destination?
3. What are the departure date and the return date (in NZ time)?

If you’re following my blog and what’s it about, 1 might be easy. 2 could easily be figured out by … , well, think about it 🙂 – and 3 is a bit of guessing and being lucky, but hey – it’s a raffle after all.

Don’t worry if you’re living at the other end of the world, we’ll find a way of getting the DVD to you 🙂

Kai July 3, 2007 at 12:00 am

Update: We actually have a winner already. It’s David Harris from Auckland! Congrats! But as he had the timezone advantage, I’ll give away another goodie – a cool Adobe Poloshirt – to be won by the first person answering the questions who is neither in Australia nor New Zealand! 🙂

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