Some CF 7/8 hotfix notes (to myself and others)

by kai on 19/09/2007

This issue came up on the German cf-discussion list the other day and I thought it’s a good idea to post it.

Someone had massive cfdocument issues. Well, we all know that cfdocument in CF 7 is somewhat of a tricky beast to deal with. So, Adobe has released a bunch of hotfixes at different stages of the product’s lifecycle.

The latest hotfix for CF 7.0.2 is CHF 3, it has just been released a few days ago. This is a good start, but it’s important to have a look into the release notes to figure out, what it actually DOES fix. Actually – it doesn’t fix a lot of common cfdocument issues, but there is help. Adobe has release a distinguished cfdocument hotfix, which I strongly recommend to deploy if you’re experiencing any weird issue with printing.

Oh, btw: Did you know that Adobe has a CF 7 hotfix overview page? Go there regularly!

The second note to myself and others regarding hotfixes is that there is a CHF 1 for ColdFusion 8. If you’re experiencing issues as described in the readme – make sure you grab it.

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