Want to buy a Mac in New Zealand?

by kai on 04/09/2007

As I’ve blogged a few weeks ago – Diane and I have converted to using Macbooks (I’m on a MBP, she’s working on a nice 13″ black Macbook). When we were considering our options buying, we were looking into the official Apple resellers which honestly are a rip-off in New Zealand price-wise.

Luckily, after doing a bit of research, I found Triaxis Ltd., a company focussing on selling Apple products for reasonable prices and with an awesome and very personal service. They trade as macdirectseller.co.nz. Basically the business model is to buy their stock from US wholesellers and pass on the much better US pricing (which is also slightly based on the favorable exchange rate) to customers here. The good thing (from a business point of view) is also that the Macs are legally imported, taxes are paid and you get a proper GST invoice. I mean, it’s also easy to buy a Mac in the US myself but then you’d have to “import” it properly, pay duties, GST on import etc. blabla…

But anyway, the point is that I want to express my total satisfaction with Triaxis’ services. We’ve ordered two Mac notebooks on different occasions, everything from payment to delivery via courier (personal and signature req) went fine and we were even kept in the loop with delivery status (my MBP order was a bit delayed due to Apple stock issues in the US) and courier tracking numbers. Very well done, I would always again use their service and order Mac stuff from them!

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