MAX Chicago 2007

by kai on 02/10/2007

Diane and I are currently at MAX 2007 Chicago. Sorry for being lazy with blogging, but the wireless network is playing really bad tricks with me, I always have to go into the press room to get connection, in other spots it’s just too unstable to get anything done.

Anyway, So far it’s been great. There have been a bunch of interesting announcements such as Flash Player 10, the acquisition of the Buzzword guys by Adobe, Adobe Share, Flex 3 beta 2, AIR beta 2 etc. Nothing MAJOR, I agree, but the whole Adobe platform is getting more stable and reliable now.

The conference is HUGE, 4300 people. The conference area is HUGE as well, I don’t know what yesterday’s mileage was just walking around in the halls, but it must have been a lot 🙂

My sessions yesterday:

– Keynote

– CSS part 1 (that was too easy for me, but part 3 is coming up on Wednesday)

– Optimising AS 3 by June Heider – that was an eye-opening session with a ew things I wasn’t aware of

– Accessibility for Flex applications (using screen readers etc.)

– Birds of a Feather: Meet the CF team and another one on FarCry 4 CMS, run by Geoff Bowers.

Diane is also blogging about her experience and has posted 4 or 5 entries yesterday, so make sure to have a look there.

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