My Photoshop lesson of the day: PMS colors

by kai on 18/10/2007

Yikes. For a particular reason, a printing company has asked me to provide them with the PMS colors of a particular graphic. Great – with me being design challenged and barely able to explain the concepts behind RGB and CMYK…:) Don’t even start with the tricky questions of “their” world 🙂

I finally figured out that PMS is a standard in the printing world which makes a lot of sense as you probably would appreciate if printed stuff appears a close as possible to the original on-screen layout when it comes to color printing. And actually – with Photoshop, it was as easy as to figure out the PMS values – use the color picker tool, click on color libraries and just select the color library you want to get the matching value of your currently picked color for. Another problem might be that there are tons of Pantone color sets (solid, metallic etc) – so make sure your printer advises which particular one you are supposed to provide.

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