Symbian s60 – new stuff

by kai on 16/10/2007

Three more interesting things I’ve come across today in regards to my s60-based Nokia n93 phone:

Google Maps is now available as a native version on s60 phones – that’s handy for people who have a data plan with sufficient volume to look up maps online. You can get the install directly on your s60 phone by going to in the phone’s browser.

SIC FTP client is a free FTP client for s60 phones. It looks really great but I couldn’t get the international WAP Push system of the vendor to work properly with my phone here in NZ. I’ve pinged them and will update what the guys came back with.

– .NET Compact Framework is coming to s60: The guys from Redfivelabs are apparently about to release Net60, an implementation of the .NET CF on Symbian. It won’t be free as far as the website is currently mentioning licensing, but it might still give the development for s60 another push. Nice.

Szaszati May 1, 2008 at 12:00 am

Hey, if anyone’s interested in the Symbian S60 platform, then go check out a review here:

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