Speaking at webDU 2010 (May 6 and 7 2010, Bondi Beach)

by kai on 26/02/2010

I’m again speaking at this year’s webDU (and it’s going to be the 8th time in a row – I think the only other people who have presented at each MXDU/webDU since it started in 2003 are Andrew Muller and Mr. Geoff Bowers himself now, yay!).

BTW: Did everyone realise that the registration for webDU 2010 is open and that the Early Bird price (AU$ 695 is really a bargain for the two days) runs out on March 7? Register now, but latest on March 7 please.

My topic will be: “It doesn’t always have to be relational – Introduction into CouchDB”. Although this session is going to cover a lot of content specific to CouchDB, you can bet that you’re going to get a whole lot of information on how to use Couch with ColdFusion and Flex.

Here’s the full session abstract:

Web developers have grown into the habit of pretty much solely relying on relational data base management systems to store the data of web applications. But besides the well-known RDBMS there is a huge community of supporters of alternative database systems out there: Object-oriented database management systems, hybrids between OO- and relational DBMS and many more. And then there’s CouchDB (subtitled: “relax”) – a document-oriented database that recently got promoted from the Apache incubator to becoming a full-blown Apache-supported open source project. CouchDB is fundamentally different from what you’re used to, but it offers a refreshing and different approach for storing data in your web application and it actually scales tremendously well in large web apps.

In this session, you’ll get an introduction into CouchDB, its API and the mechanisms behind the API and we’re going to look into hooking CouchDB into technologies like Flex and ColdFusion.

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