CFML update for IntelliJ IDEA 11

by kai on 01/01/2012

The awesome people at Jetbrains (in particular Kirill is to be mentioned here) have made an BER (bleeding edge release) update of the CFML plugin in IntelliJ IDEA 11 available. In case you didn’t know – IntelliJ IDEA is an excellent IDE, quite heavily used by Java and Groovy developers.

IntelliJ IDEA has a CFML plugin for a few versions now and it got quite a few enhancements with the recent release of version 11. Now, there’s also another BER update for only the plugin available that one can use to patch their IDEA 11 installation further. You can download the update from Jetbrain’s wiki, the page also describes how to patch your installation. Note: this is just for owners of the IntelliJ IDEA 11 Ultimate Edition or for people who’re using the trial of the Ultimate Edition. The CFML plugin is not part of the Community Edition.

If you’re interested in learning more about IntelliJ IDEA and the CFML plugin, Mark Mandel and I interviewed Kirill just recently on our 2DDU Podcast’s episode #17.

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