Moving the Adobe Connect content storage

by kai on 02/02/2012

You’ve installed a licensed (=self-hosted) version of Adobe Connect 7 or 8 and all of a sudden you have realised that you really need to move the content storage to a different area of the server because your C: drive is running out of space?

A few weeks ago a client asked me how to do exactly this. Given how easy it is, it’s surprisingly badly documented and hard to find. Here you go:

  1. Stop the services (Adobe Connect server as well as the Flash Media Server)
  2. Move or copy the content folder into the new location (Note: your content folder is usually the “content” subfolder in your Adobe Connect installation directory. If you’ve just clicked “next”, “next” etc during installation, your content folder would most likely be C:\Breeze\content). I tend to copy the folder to the new location and rename the existing content folder to something like “_content” for the time being.
  3. Locate and edit the custom.ini file in your Connect installation directory. If you went with the default settings this would be in C:\Breeze\custom.ini . Make the following additions to the file (or change the values of the three settings below in case they were already in there). Make sure that you specify a proper path, for example: D:\ELearningLib\content\ or similar.
    • CONTENT_PATH=_new location of content folder_
    • FCS_MEETING_PATH=_new location of content folder_
    • FCS_CONTENT_PATH=_new location of content folder_
  4. Restart your services again and test that Connect still works and that all your content is available, recordings still work etc.
  5. If you’re happy with the outcome of the previous step, get rid of the old content folder – resp. the renamed old content folder if you followed my recommendation in step 2.

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