New side project: jquery.expand.js

by kai on 21/10/2012

I’ve got a new side project. Nothing major, but quite a bit of fun to play with: jquery.expand.js.

Basically, it’s a little jQuery plugin that provides functionality for collapsing and expanding part of an HTML site. I needed this functionality as while ago for a client;  the only plugin out there providing the particular “flavour” of collapsing/expanding I was looking was a library named expand.js. It didn’t quite exactly do what I needed though, therefore I tweaked and improved it a bit.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of the original author and the codebase is not on any repository, but given that it was dual licensed under both GPL and MIT it was easy enough to make the decision to create a friendly fork – this is what’s now jquery.expand.js. I’ve got a few more ideas for further improving it, so you might actually see some action on it at some point.

If you’ve got any suggestion or idea – feel free to create your own fork and I’m more than happy to accept pull requests. Or alternatively leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter.

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