Adobe Connect (hosted): make sure your user profile timezone is correct

by kai on 18/01/2013

The other day I was helping a client who are using Adobe Connect (hosted on the Adobe servers) and experienced an issue with scheduling meetings.

What was basically happening was that when they scheduled a meeting it would always be created in US Pacific time. I do have admin access to their hosted Connect account, so I quickly tried it and (obviously 🙂 it worked fine for me. The timezone settings on the overall Connect account were correctly set to GMT+12 and their local machines’ timezone were all set correctly as well.

I quickly setup a fresh user on this account and when I logged in with this new user, the user’s profile timezone was correctly set to GMT+12 as well. This left me with the assumption that the client’s user account would have been set to GMT+12 as well, as the default user timezone is derived from the Adobe Connect account timezone… unless…


Unless: the client’s user account was created as one of the first accounts in the overall setup process and before someone found the account timezone setting. Therefore this particular user account got the default account timezone setting (which is kind of derived from the server location of the box which is US West Coast). Bingo – I logged in as the client’s user and her user account timezone setting – was still on GMT-8.

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