Some cool new tools in Java 7 Update 40

by kai on 02/12/2013

Oracle released Java 7 Update 40 back in September. Obviously there are a bunch of improvements in the security department and some new third-party libraries. Apart from this standard stuff, you’ll find a lot of really awesome goodies in this update, too.

Depending on how long you’ve been dealing with Java and JVMs you might remember that there used to be a really awesome JVM from BEA: JRockit (well, it still exists, but that’s a different story). Oracle purchased BEA a few years ago (before they took over Sun). In the JRockit ecosystem there are two really interesting tools available:

  • Java Mission Control: monitoring and diagnostics
  • Java Flight Recorder: recording events and various metrics at runtime

Check out the Mission Control website and have a play with it, it’s really cool. Be aware though that Java Mission Control is only free for development purposes and that you’ll need a license from Oracle to use it in production.

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