Foto Feb: day 8

by kai 09/02/2012

“Man Bites Dog” – a card game about news headlines. A belated photo (I just forgot to upload it yesterday, sorry) of a belated “Secret Santa” present (I joined my client’s office Secret Santa, left my present for person X there before Xmas; but I wasn’t around when the presents got distributed). Thx unknown giver […]

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Foto Feb: day 7

by kai 08/02/2012

Not much to say really – a bunch of “Nimm 2” lollies (one grows up with those in Germany) that someone among the people working at my client here brought from a recent trip home from Thailand. Also, it shall be noted that @ilaeria dared to not like them and claimed instead that the Orange […]

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Foto Feb: day 6

by kai 06/02/2012

Just saw this from my balcony. Fireworks. On a Monday. Maybe at Seaworld?

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Foto Feb: day 5

by kai 06/02/2012

A tiny rainbow on the treadmill I used this morning.

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Foto Feb: day 4

by kai 04/02/2012

This is prob. the most stereotypical Gold Coast photo you could get: tall apartment building, some tropical palm trees and blue sky 🙂

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Foto Feb: day 3

by kai 03/02/2012

This is technically cheating because it’s from the 29th of Jan – but it’s so nice that I want to show it. I saw this from my balcony during the Chinese New Year 2012 Parade in Sydney – massively huge Dragon animation projected onto the side of a very tall building.

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Foto Feb: day 2

by kai 02/02/2012

This is quite possibly the cutest and most friendly dog I’ve come across for a long time. 9 months old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy and the dog-in-residence at Sydney-based client.

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Foto Feb: day 1

by kai 01/02/2012

Yeah, I’m doing Foto Feb. If you want to know what it is – check Diane’s blog. Or Nick’s blog. Or both. Here’s day 1. The person who’s desk I’m currently occupying at my client in Sydney is kind of a snow globe fan. That’s not even all of them 🙂

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Rooting Google Nexus One on Android GRK39F build

by kai 25/01/2012

The other day I needed to change the hosts file on my Google Nexus One (to actually point a domain name to a local dev environment so that I could test some mobile web application development I’ve been doing). I needed root access to do that and I ended up realising that I had lost […]

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Printing from Wine on OS X

by kai 15/01/2012

The flight planning software I use is Windows-based and unfortunately Windows-only. It’s a really powerful tool and there’s nothing comparable for OS X (at least not for Australia and New Zealand), so I’m happy to go the extra mile making it work. The easiest way would obviously be to install the software in a virtual […]

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