Agent K on Java

Debugging Livecycle Data Services in Livecycle ES

by kai 10/08/2012

The other day I was spending some time with a client of mine who ran into an issue with a Flex Remoting endpoint in Livecycle/ADEP Essentially what happened was that within an object tree supposed to be sent from the Flex application to a Livecycle endpoint contained a lot of unexpected null references. Monitoring the […]

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Getting into Clojure (and other stuff)

by kai 07/01/2012

With the recent changes at Adobe I was more and more thinking that I need to further diversify what I’m doing. That was already happening in 2010 and 2011 quite a lot – client demand for Flash and Flex solutions decreased (and still is decreasing) and we found ourselves doing more and more Javascript-based applications. […]

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Some thoughts on Java, OS X, Eclipse and others

by kai 26/10/2010

Somewhere deeply hidden in the release notes of the recent Java for Mac OS X update, our friends from Apple have announced that they deprecated the Java runtime for Mac OS X and that “developers should not rely on the Apple-supplied Java runtime being present in future versions of Mac OS X”.

Read that as: Mac OS X 10.7 won’t have Java (by Apple), maybe we’re lucky and get the 10.6 update 3 thrown into OS X 10.7, but maybe not. To be fair – Apple was never a big and fast supporter of Java on OS X, for them to release Java 6 and 64-bit versions of the runtime was apparently a major drama so that a lot of Java developers on the Mac at some time just switched to SoyLatte, a FreeBSD port of Java 6. That worked and still works fine for a lot of server applications such as Tomcat.

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How much memory does my ColdFusion variable really use? – Part III

by kai 10/03/2010

Finally, nearly the last part (there’s one more coming…). In part II I talked about the different problems we’d run into using the instrumentation code out-of-the-box without modifying it for the special scenario of using it to size ColdFusion variables

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How much memory does my ColdFusion variable really use? – Part II

by kai 09/03/2010

Here we go – part II of an approach into sizing ColdFusion variables from within ColdFusion. In part I I introduced the problem we’re trying to solve, a general solution (JVM instrumentation) and also pointed you to the JavaSpecialists newsletter #142 for a working solution (from a Java point of view). Heinz also commented in part I and pointed out that there is a full-blown open source project named java.sizeOf() that provides a complete solution from a Java point of view.

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How much memory does my ColdFusion variable really use? – Part I

by kai 07/03/2010

Recently I’ve been dealing quite a bit with ColdFusion from an infrastructure point of view – clustering, monitoring, system tuning etc. One particular thing I (and I know of at least some others) have found missing was an easy to use and realistic way of figuring out how much memory a particular ColdFusion variable really uses.

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SoyLatte 1.0 – Java 6 for OSX

by kai 06/12/2007

As Landon Fuller has blogged yesterday, SoyLatte 1.0 has been released. SoyLatte is a project to port BSD Java 6 for Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5 . Why this is interesting? Apple doesn’t seem willing or capable of releasing Java 6 for OSX themselves and it’s really annoying that I have to boot up my […]

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A framework for Java Swing

by kai 11/11/2006

I’ve just finished reading a highly interesting interview/article and thought I’d share it. It’s about Java Swing (a common class library for developing Java client/server applications) and it’s lack of a proper application development framework. I’ve had a chat about exactly that with some guys at our local Java User Group the other months and […]

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Java and open source

by kai 27/10/2006

Finally the Java open source movement got another push. Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO, announced that the Java Platform (the standard edition to be more precise) would be open-sourced within the next 30 to 60 days. That’s very good, although it would probably not make a huge difference in regards to how people use Java right […]

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The woes of using undocumented stuff in CF

by kai 20/02/2006

Today I got a very interesting issue. I was working on some code written by somebody else who is (obviously when running in one of “those” issue) not in the company anymore. It was part of Novasphere, a CMS engine we use at ZeroOne. When I was trying to set up a new Novasphere instance […]

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